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Sustainability is more than just planting trees, beekeeping, backyard chickens, recycling, shopping local, emergency preparedness, buying from responsible companies are all part of sustainable living, but more than that it is thinking about sustainability on a bigger level.  Sustainable living is about being considerate of what we are doing with what we have.  That is exactly where the name Considering frugal came from.  I wanted to save money while saving the environment.  Sometimes that means buying local, sometimes that means buying from an ethical company, and sometimes that means using what we have.  How do we preserve our environment, our culture, our resources for the next generation?

Emergency preparedness is a hot topic these days and as a Christian I have wondered on occasion if this practice applies to me. After all, if I believe that God will provide for me in any circumstance than what does it matter if I stock up on canned goods or not. After much reflection I have some thoughts on this topic. I think it is important before you start a stock pile of food or whatever else to consider from what perspective you are storing up. Are you storing up from a position of faith or a position of fear?

I can say there have been times when stocking my cabinets became an action of fear of running out, and at those times God led me to empty those cabinets out. My faith is in God for He holds the future and I know that He will provide for me. I prepare for the future because I know that life and the economy has its ups and downs both for me and those who I will encounter. If my husband looses his job I will have food for my children in the cabinets; if my neighbor looses his I can share with his family too.

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