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Considering frugal

I remember when I was a kid, moving to a neighboring town in our community, and a lady from the “Welcome Wagon” came to visit with my mom.  She had a coupon book, a map to the area, and a whole bag of swag! Frizbees, pens, stickers, potato peelers….we still have coupons and swag, but the practice of showing up at the door has fallen to the wayside.  That’s okay, I’m pretty sure those ladies were the front line for local gossip too!  But if you are new in town, sometimes it would be nice if we still had someone to guide you around right?!

First of all, if you are new, welcome!  I hope you will find my blog a helpful go to website where you can find local shopping advice and links!  The following is a listing of local businesses and agencies that my be of help too.

Some places you must shop, eat and drink….

The Wrangler Store in Downtown Cheyenne – it not only has great western wear, it is the original Wrangler jean location.  The building has many stories to tell.  Stop by during the day when it isn’t too busy, and the manager on duty will usually tell you about the architecture of the building, and some of the history of Cheyenne that has played out there. The Eclectic Elephant, 16th Street Mercantile, Wyoming Home, Ernie November, Bohemian Metals, and Gryphon Games are some other popular downtown shops.

Considering frugal favorites

While you are downtown, you have to have a coffee at The Paramount Cafe, it is located in another Cheyenne landmark building.  The coffee is unique, and yummy, if it is late enough, you can also stop next door for cocktail.  Ruby Juice on 17th Street has the best smoothies, and we also have Inta Juice on Dell Range.  We like Mr. Jim’s Pizza and Old Chicago the best for pizza, depending on our mood. Uncle Charlie’s has the best liquor store wine selection in terms of service and price.  If you like craft beers, Town and Country Super Market Liquor on South Greeley Highway has a large selection and great sales.  Uncle Charlie’s also has a great small town pub atmosphere – their tater tots are the best!

Considering frugal

The very best place to get a steak is Rib and Chop House downtown, also owned by Rib and Chop, The Accomplice is in the Depot building.  The Accomplice have several local beers on tap, with a self pour system – kinda cool.  It is a great place to watch the trains too! We recently discovered brunch at Rib and Chop, it was so yummy, and perfectly affordable. $12.95 for the petite prime rib, poached eggs, and a side of delicious potatoes! Their steaks are always perfectly cooked to order, even for breakfast.

If you like craft beer, don’t miss Danielmark’s!  It is a microbrewery with a very chill feel, and great beer.  During the summer we have Friday Nights on the Plaza, and during the winter catch Friday Nights at the Asher – both are great concert series.  And just when you think we don’t have enough restaurants here in Cheyenne, the United Way Food Truck Rally will roll around for the summer!

Considering frugal

A few quick diva tips:  Facebook recommendations are great for things like hair stylists, and dog groomers – read the reviews, and be willing to pay more for the good ones.  If you like to get your nails done often, you might want to find a Color Street lady, we have a shortage of nail salons, and you can’t just walk in, even when it says “walk in”.  If you are committed to shopping in town, which I hope you will, start early.  The earlier the better, for all major holidays, start at least a month ahead.  Some places to try at the last minute, Dillard’s, we found a last minute, clearance prom dress last year!  Two days before prom!  Keep alterations in mind.  If you need them within a week, I recommend the dry cleaner behind Arby’s on Lincolnway. Sally’s on Dell Range is another place for last minute hair color, and Target and Walgreens stock a great variety of make-up.  We do have a Sephora, and an Ulta in the mall – they are not usually the frugal choice, but better than driving to NOCO.  The heartland is best known for grocery store sushi, but lucky for you we have Wasabi Japanese Grill on Dell Range.

Visit Cheyenne is the go to for all repeat events in Cheyenne, and Laramie County.  You will find a pretty comprehensive list of local festivals, farmer’s markets as well as local business directory.

Cheyenne Chamber is also a great place to start!  They too have a local business listing that also includes churches and non-profits.  If you are military, you can visit Cheyenne Chamber on the third floor of the depot downtown, and they will give you what they call a welcome pack.  It does not so much include coupons as local maps and brochures, sometimes there is swag.

Other helpful local links….

Laramie County Community Library

Wyoming 211 is the most comprehensive local guide to Wyoming non-profits and healthcare services.  If you are looking for a doctor, therapist or a place to volunteer, go to Wyoming 211 first.

Wyoming Visitors Center on I-25

There’s Nothing to Do in Cheyenne

Boot Scavenger Hunt

Considering frugal

Haunted Cheyenne

Small Business Hub

Workforce Development is a great place to find a job!

Local history you should know…

Considering frugal

Make sure you read about the legend of Tom Horn, and Cheyenne Frontier Days is also still amazing! The best local history prep is to take a Cheyenne Trolley Tour – you can catch it at the Depot! If you are here when the horse drawn carriages are downtown, that is a great history tour as well! My son still remembers details from the trolley tour…from 3rd grade! I grew up with some rodeo, so I was really excited about sharing the tradition with my family, but our little town does get much more busy around rodeo time in July, so you will either have to skip town, or join the fun, there is no in between.

Local reading, news and events….

We do have a local newspaper, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, that all I will say there. We also have Channel 5 News, which is local. Some locals like the Nebraska station as well. But some other great reads include…

The Cheyenne Post – a weekly news paper that you can pick up for free at local businesses. It has local guides, a complete church listing, and local positive stories.

We also have Tidbits and Trader for classifieds, and coupons. These are also available at local super markets, and businesses. And, Valpak is also a great source for coupons. You can search online, or it will come in the mail.

And finally, when you are ready to get a little more involved…I recommend Bull Dog with Teeth Blog. It is somewhat unfiltered, and tackles local politics, as well as up, and coming news, and business. Finally, we do a disturbing amount of Facebook communicating around here…Join a Facebook group, or two or three. I recommend starting with Cheyenne and Wyoming News.

Legal Disclaimer – some of the links at Considering frugal are affiliate links, and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Please keep in mind that I link to these companies, and their products, because of their quality, and the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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