Vintage Social Graces We Should Bring Back During the Covid-19 Crisis…

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Due to our current Covid-19 crisis, I’ve come up with a list of vintage social graces I feel we should re-adopt. Some of these are lost and forgotten, and some have been practiced by eccentric celebrities like Diane Keaton and Michael Jackson…I’m kinda thinking they were on the right track with a few…so let’s get started:

The gloved hand…until recent times, gloves were not just for cold days and gardening. In vintage times, they were a social grace. Diane Keaton and Michael Jackson are the most noted recent celebrities to be spotted in public wearing gloves for germ control.

Hats scarves and “updos” are a great idea too! They keep long hair off your shoulders and away from germs. Scarves are a fashionable alternative to the mask!

Table clothes and cloth napkins, first they can be washed immediately; second, they help us avoid the landfill; and, most important, they are attractive…they make dinner an occasion. 

The hanky…this one is a bit controversial. I am not suggesting we completely throw back to the unsanitary days of a man blowing his nose on one…ewwwwwww! I have to say though, for every ladies vintage purse I have found at an estate…there is a delicate hanky inside. The ladies of the past always carried a hanky to blot a tear or running mascara, maybe to cover their nose gracefully when there is an unpleasant oder….

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Graces for Mental Health…

Thank you notes, calling cards, and snail mail…in this time of social distancing, mental health and the human touch are still very important. Our society already lacks the touch and attention other cultures practice. Taking the time to drop a note in the mail is an important social grace to bring back.

Talking on the telephone for hours…..Do you remember walking out of range of the phone cord? Sitting on the floor in the kitchen for hours? My grandmother did not believe in gossip, but I remember her talking about her TV soap opera and the book she was reading like they were real. During this time of quarantine, we need to hear each others voices. I’m grateful to live in a time when we have social media…I love it! I love to drop positive quotes and share the good on social media. I love meeting new friends, but pick up the phone and call a close friend; call your elders that don’t use the internet. Don’t let each other get lonely.

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Dressing for dinner…I’m not suggesting we regress completely to the women we were in the 1960’s, but seriously, this yoga pant movement has gone way too far!! We have lost our dignity to some degree…lets start “fixing up” more! We were designed to bring beauty to the world, so don’t just sit around in your yoga/jammy/sweat pants all day, every day, take some pride ladies!

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Afternoon tea, coffee, board games….I remember how my grandmother would want to settle down in the afternoon. On days during the summer, when school was out, it gave some definition and routine to the day. Observing afternoon tea is an excellent way to bring structure and calm to your day.

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