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I have lots of antiques and artifacts with memories attached, but one of my favorite things is my great grandma Bertha’s bible. It was given to me when I was 12, and it isn’t just any bible; Bertha wrote poems in the margins of this bible. What makes it even more special, is it was up for auction in a small town in Indiana; a friend of our family knew we would want it back. This man bought the bible, and found us at a church dinner to return the bible to us. He didn’t go to our church, he just came to dinner to give us the bible. My dad promptly handed it to me. I still own it, and hold it dear. When we started Eclectic Estates, my first thought was preserving memories like this man did for my family.

Eclectic Estates is a local estate sales business; we will inventory your valuables, appraise them, price them, and plan and estate sale on your property, and then run the estate sale on commission and sell everything. We don’t take money upfront, we take a commission off the end. We are patient, profesional and committed to protecting your memories, and also bringing in a fare price.

We offer fare rates for professional organizing as well. We can take a room from this…

Eclectic Estates

To this…. in a matter of days.

Eclectic Estates

One of my favorite ways to start off the new year is with a clean house; clean closets, clean cabinets, clean everything. I love to feel like I am organized and ready to tackle what ever life throws at me. This doesn’t come easy for everyone. In fact, it is hard to let go of things. Over the years, we become very attached to things, call us today and set an appointment. We can make the downsizing process painless and profitable.

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Bertha’s Bible
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