8 Ways to cut spending in 2020 without even feeling it!

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Saving money doesn’t always have to hurt. There are lots of little things you can do to save money, sometimes without even changing your routine. Doing a plan check up on cable and internet is a great place to start. Making little adjustments to your routines like where and when you eat out, and how you buy gas are some other ways. Here is my list of check-ups and changes to make….

Do an insurance check-up.  Start with your policy holder, making sure your information is up to date.  Ask them if they have a home, and auto bundle discount.  Shop the competition too.  Ask your carrier if they have a loyalty discount, and check your current employer to see if your carrier offers a discount for your carrier.

Do a spending check-up. Tiny tweaks like changing when, and where you eat out can save you up to $50 a week.  We changed from our local pizza place to a locally owned restaurant, and cut our eating out spending by $50.  You can also change frequency.  If you eat out twice a week, simply cut down to once a week or every two weeks and so forth.  Just a little planning ahead versus impulse trips out can save you hundreds over the course of a year. – Read Cheap Eats Cheyenne for more ideas.

Do a household utilities check-up.  Make a call to the utility companies, ask about budget plans and what days and times are discounted.  Doing your laundry during off peak hours could cut your bill substantially.  Take the time to find out when these are, and schedule your chores.  Take a walk around your house both inside and out, and check for water and electric leaks. Do you have appliances running when they don’t need to be?  A leaky pipe in the back yard?  I try to take a quick peak in my kids’ rooms right after they leave for school just to check for light on etc.  My son has a habit of leaving his vintage bass amp on – major electric sucker!

Do a cable/internet check-up.  Can you bundle, and save with another carrier?  Would you be better off to switch to Netflix, Hulu etc. or even just stream live television via internet?

Do a phone plan check-up. As with cable and internet, can you bundle, and save with another carrier? Does your employer offer a discount with the phone service you use, and how old is the phone you have?  Could you save by dropping the insurance?  We use our phones for a much longer time than maybe Apple would like, always being careful to keep our data backed up until they crash. We also take advantage of buy one get one free deals so that we can stash an extra phone away for emergencies…this often saves us over $30 a month in phone insurance.  We don’t throw out our broken phones either – one time my hubby was able to rebuild my phone from those old parts.  If you have these tech skills at your disposal, use them to save money.

Considering frugal

Pay a little more on your car payment and save. This is where you can save by paying more.  Paying an extra ten dollars toward the premium on your car payment each month, can save you thousands in interest, and you will end up paying it off early. Make a whole extra premium payment, and the results are astounding. Also pay attention to your gas spending. Can you save on gas with fuel points from groceries? Sometimes we have so much in savings that we take both vehicles for a fill up at the same time – it can be worth $20 to fill up both vehicles back to back. You can read more about fuel efficient cars and the best gas prices by clicking here.

Redeem points on groceries, and credit cards. Don’t let those points go to waste, whether you are getting cash back towards your bill, or gift cards for other services.  One year, we could payed for food for a whole vacation using credit card redemption gift cards.  We simply coordinated our vacation location with the gift card offers, and over the course of the year we compiled enough gift cards to buy dinner every night during our vacation week.  We chose a hotel with free full breakfast, and a kids eat free deal.  Likewise, make sure you download grocery store apps, and use your coupons and redemptions.

Assess your clutter.  Finally, what kind of clutter do you have lying around the house?  Sell it, and use the extra cash to pay down a credit cards or save it. – eBay, rummage, Facebook, even donating your used goods to a charity, and getting a receipt can result in a nice tax write off later in the year. – And…if you have a whole house full of items that need downsized, I recommend you call someone who does estate sales. If you are in the Cheyenne area you can call Eclectic Elephant Antiques.

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