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Considering frugal

There are lots of places in Cheyenne to save on wine.  My favorite local stores, with the best prices, are Uncle Charlie’s, and Town and Country Supermarket Liquors.  Uncle Charlie’s has some of the best prices on wine, and a great selection.  I didn’t used to be a wine drinker, and I was a little afraid to try new wines, but Uncle Charlie’s almost always has a good quality wine on sale which makes it easy to try something new guilt free.

Best wine prices paired with great service goes to Uncle Charlie’s (also best tater tots and Sunday fried chicken)

I have found wines at Uncle Charlie’s that were $25 at other stores – on sale for under $10. They change their sales frequently, so you can always try something new.  Another tip that someone gave me a while back was that if you get a wine that you don’t like…add Sprite, and turn it into a mixer rather than throwing it out.  

Side note…Uncle Charlie’s also had great food, and drink specials in the pub!  We ate lunch there recently, and a Jack and Coke was only $3.77, that is almost exactly 50% less than most of the chain/franchise restaurants in town.  

Great wine prices with the biggest selection goes to Town and Country Supermarket Liquors

Town and Country has a great selection, and weekly sales too. The have some of the best beer selections, and prices. You can build your own variety pack of craft beer, or purchase a 24 pack of your choice. I have purchased closeout craft beer for under $6 on occasion. They often buy in bulk, and if it is a limited seasonal item, they will mark it down to move it out for more. When you shop there, you must take your time to look at the sale signs.  They have great prices on wines.  And they have the largest selection of local wines that I have found – local extending into South Dakota in this instance.

Considering frugal

Best Value Wines for the Occasions

Remember, sometimes saving on wine is about choices too!  Some great value wines are Apothic, 19 Crimes, and really cheap….Gallo.  If it is for a recipe…I like Gallo ($3.99 at Town and Country).  If it is to drink at home, Apothic is always nice, and 19 Crimes is a great gift wine! There is a fun app that goes with 19 Crimes that you use to see what crime the criminal on the front of the bottle committed.  It is a great conversation starter for a party.  If you are looking for the best price on 19 Crimes, try Sam’s club on Dell Range, but if you are looking for the full selection to collect, then Dell Range Liquor Store in the Kingsooper plaza has several varieties.  Any locally crafted wine is also a great gift item. I have found some local winesunder $20 at Supermarket Town and Country.

Saving While Dining Out

If you are not a member of the Old Chicago rewards club, you are missing out on free beer! Every time the Rockies hit a home run – reward club members get a free beer email.  It is good on ANY and all beers – including the pricey craft one’s – limited to 10 oz.  Reward members also get generous coupons, and a free large birthday pizza.  

Provisions Wine and Spirits– connected to The Met in downtown Cheyenne on Carey Avenue.  This is not a formal endorsement, because I haven’t wined or dined there, however, they are locally owned and, according to their menu, they have a wide variety of pricier wines.  You can buy, by the bottle or by the glass.  Glass prices are between $7 and $19 dollars – I am suggesting that this is an affordable way to taste some of the pricy wines, without buying a whole bottle.  It is also more honorable than tasting five free samples at Olive Garden…not judging, just suggesting.

Considering frugal

Saving by Giving Back

We love Danielmark’s for many reasons, but one of the biggest and best is because they give back so much to the community.  If you watch their Facebook page, you will usually find at least one night a week where they are hosting a fundraiser for a local non-profit with beer specials, and food trucks on site!  It is a fun, and affordable, way to help Cheyenne non-profits.

Finally, Saving by Learning to Make Your Own

I’m not a great home brewer, but I do have a recipe or two I fall back on.  I have a simple recipe for a strawberry wine that I like. I make it during the summer, and it is great to have in the cabinet through the winter.  It’s nice to have on hand if it’s too yucky to go a block to the liquor store, or maybe on a week we are trying to save on groceries.

Here is my recipe….

Considering frugal Strawberry Wine Recipe

5 Pounds local strawberrie

1 Pound local raspberries (adds flavor and a beautiful color)

About 5 Pounds of Organic Cane Sugar (taste your strawberries to see how sweet they are!)

2 Gallons Arrowhead Spring Water

2 Packages Lavlin Champaign Yeast – your choice

Cut, and destem your strawberries, and then wash both the strawberries and raspberries well. Pour both gallons of water into extra-large stock pot – save lids.  Add cleaned berries, and sugar.  Bring to a rolling boil, allow to boil for 5 minutes, and then reduce heat to medium low. Simmer for about 4 hours, and then allow to come to room temperature.  Once mixture has cooled, funnel back into the two water bottles.  Leave some room at the top.  There will be a little liquid left in the pot; grab a coffee cup, and use this liquid to pitch your yeast.  Once the yeast starts to grow (about 10 minutes), pour equal amounts in water bottles.  Place original lids on water bottles, and shake each bottle for about 5 minutes.  I do this because we are at a high altitude…I read it on a homebrew site, and whenever I don’t do it…I can tell a difference. So, this is just part of the routine. Once you have shaken the bottles, replace the caps with airlocks.  If you are new to home brewing, there are several ways to fill your airlocks.  We don’t have a home brew store here in Cheyenne so, I have found the best way is to use cheap liquor.  If you don’t drink liquor – buy the little tiny bottles of vodka.  Now we wait….about one to two weeks at about 65 degrees.  You will know when the bubbles stop floating to the top.  Once the bubbles stop, you will strain it, re bottle it, and replace the air locks.  And wait some more for the muck to settle.  I sometimes put it into wine bottles after the second setting, but it is best to go at least three.  Once you bottle it, it has a short aging time of about 6 months!  This is one of the best things about strawberry wine – you don’t have to be patient!

Considering frugal

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