Cheap Eats Cheyenne

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Cheap Eats Cheyenne

Of course, the best way to save money is to cook at home, and there are lots of money saving recipes here on Considering frugal – just type recipes into the search engine on the right, and you will find plenty.  It is, however, nice to eat out too, and if you plan to eat out on a regular basis, you won’t go on a spending binge when you are feeling deprived.  There are some great deals in Cheyenne, whether you are eating for one, two, or a whole family. 

Quick Tips for Eating Out on a Budget

Some quick tips for eating out on a budget…. breakfast is the most important, and cheapest, meal of the day.  Epic Egg is one great, dependable franchise here in Cheyenne, that offers an excellent value for breakfast or lunch.  Likewise, Sunday brunch is usually a great deal at some of the pricier restaurants like Hathaway’s.  If you are not a morning person, lunch is a great value too! Eating off the lunch menu at The Albany, or Rib and Chop house is a comparable savings to dinner. 

If you are dinning out with a family, opting for restaurants that serve larger portions is a great idea, because you can usually save money by sharing plates.  Finally, always check for coupons before you leave the house.  Valpak is a great place to start, Tidbits, Wyoming Tribune Eagle, and Trader are also great hubs for local coupons.  And when in doubt, google!

Another quick tip is to shop for gift card packs with your Sam’s’ Club Membership.  Sam’s sells discount value packs of gift card for just about every chain, and franchise restaurant that we have in Cheyenne.

Deals at Locally Owned Restaurants and Pubs

Considering frugal

Uncle Charlies has local specials for lunch and dinner.  We recently took our family there for the local Sunday chicken special…first, it was sooo yummy.  The best fried chicken I have had in a long time.  We fed our family of two adults, and two teenagers for under $50 including tip and drinks.  The chicken was $8.95 per plate, and I love the small-town pub feel of Uncle Charlies.

The Accomplice has wood fired pizza starting around $10.  It is the best thing on the menu as far as I am concerned, and a small easily feeds two people.  Twin Dragon serves a lunch buffet for $8.  It has everything you can imagine, and I think it is a fun place to take kids.  They have kids friendly chop sticks and plates, and kid friendly menu items. Good Friends Chinese serves plates large enough for sharing, and the atmosphere is especially clean and inviting in the winter time, because they keep their fireplace going.  Five Guys Burgers serves portions large enough to share as well.

The Pie Lady, and The Bread Basket are also affordable Midwestern style choices.  The Bread Basket is only open for breakfast lunch, and The Pie Lady for lunch and dinner. They both have lots of affordable sandwiches and sweet treats.  They are both great choices for holiday giving as well.

Deals at Local Chains and Franchises

Chili’s – You can feed a family of 4 at Chili’s for under $60. Order the chips and salsa appetizer, split a fajita plate with your spouse, have the kids pick from burger or appetizer plate, and it will come to under $60 including drinks.  Also, Chili’s offers daily margarita specials for $5. There is usually a monthly special, as well as the Presidential which is a great value for the $5.

Applebee’s is like Chili’s, except they take the work out of the sharing for you with their two for one specials menu.  Applebee’s also has drink specials – usually beer, and they are a locally owned franchise.

Fanciest Cheap Eats

Hathaway’s – Offers an all you can eat prime rib buffet on Tuesday and Friday for $14.99 per person.  No, $14.99 isn’t usually considered cheap, but for a luscious prime rib dinner – this is cheap.  

Rib and Chop House for Lunch – At lunch, you can get a petite steak, potato, and soup or salad at Rib and Chop for under $12.  

Cheap Eats

Taco Tuesday at Taco John’s is the cheapest eats of course, and Buffalo Wild Wings offers buy one get one free Tuesdays.  On Tuesdays only, you can buy one pack of bone in wings and get one free. They will still let you choose your sauces – just must be bone in.  

Finally, Destination Taiwan is getting so much attention!  The prices are cheap, the portions are huge, and they usually through a sample in the bag!  Destination Taiwan has amazing pork buns, and authentic Boba tea.  They are in a little shack on Dell Range – don’t let the cold weather stop you – they are open year-round, and they bring the food to your car!

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