Where Kids Eat Free in Cheyenne

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Considering frugal Kids Eat Free Cheyenne

Eating out on a budget can be quite a chore, and eating out with kids especially.  When our kids were small, we always faced the additional challenge of eating out on a budget with wiggle worms.  We didn’t want to spend the money to eat out, and then find ourselves with “misbehavors” feeling resentful for spending the money.  It can be tempting not to eat out with kids, but it is also important to be a courageous parent, and teach them eating out table manners! So…rather than keep them home, we opted for local kids eat free options.  We have plenty of those here in Cheyenne, just see my list below.

IHOP on Dell Range offers kids eat free every night of the week for 4pm to 10 pm – with a paying adult.

Dickey’s BBQ on Dell Range is a great place to eat on Sunday – they offer a free kids meal with paying adult all day on Sunday.  Ice cream is also always free with your dine in meal.

Chick fil A on Dell Range – Kids get a free kids meal with paying adult on Saturday nights from 5pm to 8pm.  This is family night, so sometimes there is also a kids activity.

Hathaway’s at Little America offers free kids meals on Mondays.  This is a great place to take your kids to learn about manners while fine dinning.

At Texas Roadhouse, kids eat for $.99 on Monday and Tuesday night with a paying adult.  Still a great deal!

Also, if your kids keep up with their reading list in elementary, you can check with the school they attend.  At Hobb’s Elementary, my son was always able to get a free slushy from Maverick for completing his reading list, and a coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut!

Another great way to eat out with kids is family style Asian restaurants.  When you eat family style, there is always enough to go around.  Two adult meals will serve a family of four while the kids are still small, and eating family style is a great way to teach kids about meal courses.  Two great options in Cheyenne are Twin Dragon, and Good Friends.  Twin Dragon offers fun animal shaped kids plates, and teaching chop sticks that are great for little hands.  Good Friends has a great fireplace, and an Asian grocery attached.

We still share to save money, even though our kids are eating off the adult menu now.  At places like Chili’s, my hubby and I will order two for one fajitas, and the kids each pick an appetizer or sandwich.  It is almost like getting a free kids meal, because we end up paying less than we would for four adult meals.  At places like Olive Garden, the kids can build your own pasta, or they sometimes still eat off the kids menu, because the portions are larger.

Finally, joining birthday and reward clubs at all the places we frequent, has helped us get free food and coupons to eat out with.

There are rumors of a few more kids eat free deals around Cheyenne, if you have verified one recently, please comment below!

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