Radically You

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I’m pretty conservative by nature – an introvert on paper, an extrovert in public.  There aren’t very many times you will hear me talk about being radical, I am radically positive – says so in my blog title, you’ve already been warned… But, I do have one radical belief.  I radically believe that you were created to be radically you.  If you don’t believe in a creator, I’m not trying to make you change your mind, just know, that even if you don’t believe, like me, you cannot deny your unique, one of a kind set of fingerprints.  You just can’t deny your DNA – your children may have a similar set – in fact, you couldn’t deny they are your kids, but only you, have that chain of DNA that is uniquely you.

What started this rant?…

Well, I’ve had some pretty weird job interviews over the years…no, really! People say the darnedest things! Lets see, there was the lady that shoved my resume back at me…why did she even call me to the interview?

Idk, but that was weird, but the weirdest one ever was the lady that said, right out loud, in the interview… “I can’t hire you….you shine too bright”  So, for a while, I actually tried not to shine so bright, idk, thinking, I might have a better chance at a better job?…  That’s a year I won’t get back!  You can read about it later – A Life Changing Decision to Wear Boots!


You are here for a time, a season, and a purpose.  You have a unique voice, a unique talent, and unique skills.  No one can replace you, EVER! There will never be another like YOU.

So I ask you, what are you here to do?  What are you supposed to contribute or accomplish?  Age doesn’t matter, how you look doesn’t matter, where you live doesn’t matter.  Joseph was the youngest – still an adolescent, so was David when he slayed Goliath.  Moses was 40, Abraham 75, and Sara, well, she was definitely getting up there!  She laughed at God, but He was serious…and her greatest calling was to be a mama.  One of the most amazing stories of impossibility becoming possible – becoming a mama.

The flowers and butterflies don’t stop to think about what their purpose is.  The sun doesn’t stop to think about whether or not to rise – it just shines.  It just shines as bright as it possibly can!

Don’t waste your time here.  Maybe you have a day job where you make great money, but are you happy there?  Maybe you need the money, that’s okay…but is it where you thrive?  Is it where you belong?  Bloom where you are planted – but make sure you can shine…and, if you can’t shine, you might need to update your resume.

You deserve to be valued, not just tolerated.  You deserve to…S H I N E.

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