A Life Changing Decision…Regarding Boots

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Considering frugal Regarding Boots

I made a life changing decision that day…

Sitting no more than 5 feet from the governor…I made a life changing decision…

We knew the layoffs were coming down the pipeline, but we all carried on as usual, and attended the Governor’s Symposium for the day. Now, anyone who lives in Wyoming for more than a day or two, knows that the governor always wears cowboy boots with his suits. It is something I have always admired about him, and yet I thought that, because it was a high powered day, I had to wear my ONE pair of high heals to an 8 hour symposium.

Yep, I only own one pair of heels…if you are female, you know that is not a good sign. I am clearly not accustomed to picking them out or walking gracefully in them. My girl power might even be in question. I’m comfortable with that. I can’t concentrate when my feet hurt, my intelligence drops like 10 points!

There I sat, my feet already killing me at 9 am. As I listened to his speech, and I love hearing Governor Mead speak, the phones started ringing, yes ringing, and each woman at the table gradually got up, and took the call to learn whether she would have a job or not. I remember thinking, “this isn’t classy at all.” So, by the time my phone rang, I knew what was up. I don’t even know why I answered. I knew I would be the one to lose my job. I didn’t have any tenure with this non-profit. Why did I even answer?!

“I wanted to hear the speech?!!!!!” But, I couldn’t tell you what he said at all, because I excused myself, limped to the back of the banquet hall, and took the call. I heard the words I was expecting to hear, and that was that.

When I went back into the room, I don’t know who spoke next, I just remember sitting there contemplating why I chose to wear heels. “My feet are killing me, everyone who is anyone in this room knows I just got canned five feet from the governor, or at least it felt that way, and I missed his speech!!” 

“Why did I wear heels?”

“I knew the governor would wear his boots, why did I feel I had to wear heels?”

“I wore high heels. I can’t even walk in heels. I trip over my big toes, both of them, barefoot, on any given day!”

If you sat with me at the fancy dinning table in Little America that day, and wondered what was going through my head in the stern silence at lunch…this is it. I wasn’t thinking, “why me?” or, “I have more of …whatever.” I wasn’t even worried about the money I would lose, or my husband’s reaction.” I was wondering what on God’s green earth would make me sell out and wear heels.

Who the heck have I become?

When did I stop valuing myself so much that I would become… different. The worst kind of different!

The kind of different that tries to fit in!

Once again, I had let an employer, friend, guy, pastor, the other mothers, the other women, talk me out of being… me. And there it was…the truth was, I sold out and stopped being me…again.

Why were the heels significant? Because its “the shoes that make the man.”

A lot of you out there might have been taught this concept, but I don’t think you know what I mean yet. Many people think this phrase means that you need to be well dressed to succeed. That is exactly the opposite from what my hard working Midwestern grandpa taught me. His take on this…”if you want to know a man’s work ethic, look at his feet.” Is he wearing work boots with scuffs and dirty souls or perfectly polished penny loafers? How much did he spend on those penny loafers? Is he more concerned about how he looks then getting the job done right?

Sitting no more than 5 feet from the governor…I made a life changing decision that day…to never be less than myself again.

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