Making the Change to Traditional School

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Considering frugal

I always thought I would homeschool my kids all the way through high school, and I never imagined it any other way. And then one day, I just couldn’t do it anymore. The school room started to pile up around me, and all of my fun creative ideas were just gone. And poof! They vaporized! And then I went back to work, and the guilt started to set in. I realized I had no “exit plan.” Thankfully, for the time we were in this overwhelming, surprise transition, I found Keys of Arizona. Keys is an intense homeschool coop where you can pick and choose classes taught for your child by qualified teachers. The kids are still homeschooled, simply from a different perspective. Keys turned out to be a huge part of my kids’ transition from homeschool, to now traditional schooling in Wyoming. You can read about our decision to move to Wyoming at Consideringfrugal.

But first, I want to back up and tell you how awesome, supportive and non-judgmental the leaders of Keys were in our transition. When we first started Keys, we had no idea where God was taking us. We didn’t know if we would enroll in private school or continue to homeschool. We had no idea what was ahead and the leaders simply responded by loving our kids and praying for us. They truly wanted what was best for us as a family. 

Over the course of a year and a half, we eventually made the decision to move back to the heartland where they could experience growing up the way I remembered. Homeschooling just wasn’t working for us anymore, and it was time for them to learn a different way of life outside of the big city. Now they each attend an amazing school here in Cheyenne where the teachers know them by name and appreciate their uniqueness and creativity. They are both ahead of the game in different ways. They love school and I love sending them.

I won’t be posting regularly on Homeschool Arizona anymore, however I will be continuing to post about our honey bees and urban homesteading activities on Considering frugal.

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