The Truth About My Life

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There are a million truths I could share with you today. The truth about my life, is that my house is only clean for one hour on Monday afternoon, except for bank holidays, like today, at which point my house might be clean for a half hour on Tuesday, but more likely it won’t be clean until next Monday at 2.

The truth is, I often let my children watch Sponge Bob Square pants, and they usually eat sugary cereal on Saturday. Sugar and Saturday almost rhyme, so it would seem that it is the order that God intended. Besides, that my neighbor next door who is “mature” and wise, says that I need to let my kids eat more sugar if I want them to like me, and I really think she must be right because my youngest son is asking for Dong Dongs and Happy Helper. Oh, and Meatless Monday, well that is usually on Tuesday night.

The truth is, I have blogger’s block. I cannot call it writers block, because I have routinely spit out theses, and portions of my dissertation for the past week and a half. If you have read my About Me page, then you will note that I am working diligently on a fast paced PHD in Psychology, it is true, and it also makes for a shameless display of keywords. I don’t think that is the only reason I am working on a degree however, on Tuesday at 5:30 I wonder. I also wonder when I am falling asleep at 7 p.m. on Thursday, if getting up at 4:30 every morning is really wise. Back to the point, the truth is, I cannot call this blog post “title block” either, because I have thought up a list of new topics and titles that you may want to check back on in the future. Great titles like, Supply and Demand and the Bible, Where to Find Starts for Your Garden, Solar Panels: Are They Right for You?, Seed and great recipes like Brown Rice Bake, Sustainable Bread Starter and Thousand Island Dressing. It doesn’t take much to type a recipe eh? So then, the truth is, I have blogger’s block.

It could be because of this weeks hassles with technical difficulties that I am still trying to resolve, or sprouted wheat that didn’t sprout and the bread maker that won’t make sprouted wheat bread. Apparently the Whole Wheat setting on my bread maker is ill equipped for proper whole wheat baking. Whatever the case may be; I’ve been hit! Have you ever had blogger’s block? Well, of coarse if you don’t blog, you wouldn’t have it. I had to tell you all the truth about my life. I imagine just spilling the truth on a blank page might end the madness.

I hope to post one of these great topics by tomorrow afternoon, but for now I have to go face two little faces, and the husband that is home from work on this bank holiday, before they notice that I have barricaded myself in the bedroom to write on my blog. Until then, you can peruse my blog or buy a copy of my book from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About My Life”

  1. Loved reading this post. I like how you word things. I always have bloggers block. That's when I run into the kitchen and bake something because like you said, Blogging a recipe doesn't take much. lol. My blog is full of them! I wish I could write funny intelligent post for my blog. Hmmm Maybe one day. Come visit me sometime.

  2. Lisa, thank you so much for your comments! I am so embarrassed that I am just seeing it after….um, 6 years?! I don't know how I missed it. I just read your blog, and I love it!! And you are funny! It's a great blog!

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