Sustainable Faith

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Sustainable Faith for All Seasons Considering frugal

Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and immediately cried out, “Lord, if it is you, command me to walk on the water too!” And so Jesus did and Peter stepped out of the boat, and walked on the water, but the storm distracted him, and he began to sink and Jesus replied, “Oh ye of little faith” as he reached down and pulled Peter to safety.

Matthew 14: 27-33

Faith means you have to step out of the boat at some point. Many of us are well acquainted with stepping out of the boat while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, but what about when you step out of the boat and the water is rougher than you anticipated? What about when you step out of the boat and the cancer returns, or the court doesn’t put the baby up for adoption. What about when you are standing there on the water broken hearted and empty handed? What then?

Brokenness requires faith too. The faith to continue to trust God through the pain and darkness, knowing He still has a plan and purpose for calling you out of the boat, knowing that at some point His hand will reach down and pick you up. These are the times we build sustaining faith, it isn’t mountain moving faith, it is faith that ties the anchor to the boat and secures it in the mud below. Faith that isn’t going anywhere no matter what God, man or even the devil has in store. Sustaining faith is the kind of faith that we need for most battles in life.

When things don’t go as planned, sustaining faith gets us through the grief. Sustaining faith needs to be in our spiritual storehouse, because life brings unexpected trials and hurricanes. But sustaining faith can only be grown through trials which means that we have to trust God to take us through trials. So then, for every season and trial there is indeed a purpose…it is building sustaining faith.

 Sustainable Faith for All Seasons Considering frugal

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