Duck Dynasty: Saving on Hot Tubs Without Going to the Junkyard

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Considering frugal Duck Dynasty

If you are in the market for a hot tub and you don’t want to got the junkyard like Godwin in a recent episode of Duck Dynasty, there are still great ways to save money.

Avoid the Salesman

Start by avoiding the salesman. You don’t need to go to a pool or hot tub dealer to get a hot tub. In fact most local stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry name brand quality hot tubs and they will hook you up with an installer if you need one. When you cut out the high pressure salesman you always save. It is especially important to avoid companies that refuse to post their prices or tell you the price up front. And by all means do not purchase your hot tub on a credit card, save up and pay cash.

Choose a Smaller Model

One of the most important money saving tips to consider when purchasing a hot tub is size. You need to consider how much hot water the unit will require and how much you might spend on electricity. If you purchase a unit at Home Depot or Lowe’s it will be labeled as to how much electricity it will use each month. By choosing a smaller unit or one that uses less electricity you are going to save both at time of purchase and per month. When you purchase a hot tub it is so important to choose an energy efficient model, hot tubs can use upwards of $20 per month in electricity.

Avoid Installation

There are both portable and stand alone hot tub models that can save you on installation either by ease of installation for the installer or perhaps you can even install the hot tub your self. Ask about ease of installation at time of purchase.

Go Solar

Several retailers offer solar powered hot tubs as well as solar converters. By choosing a model that is solar powered you can save on your monthly electric bill. You may even want to consider installing a solar water heater.

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