Why You Must Have Sprinkles to Homeschool

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Using creative presentation ads to the sensory experience. And if you are going to use breakfast and lunch as a sensory experience, it helps to have a supply of sprinkles on hand. If you are homeschooling without sprinkles you may be having a harder day than necessary. Sprinkles are important for so many reasons. When your child won’t eat breakfast, sprinkles make it more fun. Sprinkles cheer everyone up when they are sad. Sprinkles can turn any unit study into a fun study. ABC Cake Supply has edible sprinkles and they are like edible glitter for cakes! I have also bought fun things like little edible lady bugs at ABC. Any sprinkles will do however, make sure they are always on your grocery list!!!

Learning with Lunch
Our “birdfood” Tea Party Food

We use lunch as a sensory experience quite often not to mention the importance of using breakable dishes and having tea parties. I won’t get on that soap box right now, you can reread those posts later, I’ll include links at the bottom of this one. I have to admit, I am not always that creative so I have some places I go to. First stop, Pinterest. If I am making a unit study on say birds for example, then I might want to include a fun lunch, so I start on Pinterest and then I work with what I have in my refrigerator.

If you are using food for sensory purposes then make sure you use all the senses. For starters, use peeling. Did you know that peeling apples, potatoes carrots and more builds fine motor skills used in writing? It sure does. So if you are doing a study on apples or American History then making an apply pie becomes a sensory experience. Peeling the apples, smelling the apples, kneading the pie crust and measuring the ingredients. So now you are realizing that you already use food in your lessons and provide some sensory experience so it might not seem like such a big deal.

I would like to encourage you to take it to the next level however. Making fun tea parties or lunches like the one pictured above deposits memories into your children’s emotional bank that creates unique learning experiences both at lunch and down the road when they remember that lunch. Creating those memories builds bonds with your child more so than any other teacher ever could and that it why we home school in the first place.

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