This Weeks Projects/Soap, Jam, Donuts,Gummies and a Muller Monster!

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muller monster
Considering frugal
We did some fun projects around the house this week. We are studying recycling and care taking with I Heart God’s Green Earth (Available in my Amazon Store at the bottom of my homepage). My son made this awesome monster puppet with a Muller Yogurt container!
fabric softener
Considering frugal
We are also working our way through Apologia Botany and we came up with this fantastic homemade lavender fabric softener recipe. You can check it out over at Considering frugal. We are so excited to find a homemade liquid softener that smells good. Apologia curriculum has a great soap making project listed at the end of chapter one, but we have already done it so we moved on to liquid soaps! Apologia Botany is also available in my Amazon Store!
Considering frugal
 We made homemade Donuts! Cheap canned biscuits fried in oil.
Considering frugal
 Raspberry Hibiscus Tea Jam
Considering frugal
And finally, and I do mean finally, my son earned his Jello badge! This is actually a picture of homemade gummy candy. This is how he earned his badge. I use Jello to teach the principle of dissolving a solid into a liquid to make a solution. He has been trying to pass this test for a while now. By making gummy candy he was able to sample the un dissolved solid… and bingo when we were finished he proved that he got it by finally making a successful batch of Jello. I actually gave him a sticker as a badge.

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