Hands on Spelling Practice

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Hands on Spelling
Easy Spelling Practice with Montessori Letters
We just finished our second spelling test of the year. Do your kids hate spelling? I did. In fact, my daughter used to really stress out over spelling until I kind of found a rhythm to teaching it. For starters we follow a pattern with our spelling lists. I download grade appropriate word lists from Super Teacher.  On Monday we discuss the patterns of the words on the list. This week there was a pattern of ou, nd and augh. Once the patterns are heard and memorized then on Tuesday and Wednesday we rewrite the words twice and we also use these Montessori letters to practice our spelling. The great thing about the letters is that they usually practice other words in addition to the ones on the spelling list. Finally, Thursday is spelling quiz day. I let my 1st/2nd grader use his Montessori Letters during the spelling quiz. When you have a perfectionist you may need to give a little in this way. I know once he sees the correct spelling he will write down the correct answer on the page.

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  1. Oh, I love the idea of using the Montessori letters in this way… stretches the materials I've already made AND helps with "writer's block" for my littler ones. Thank you so much!

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