Developing Sales Resistance

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We visited the mall yesterday. It isn’t a place we go often, filled with timeshare salesmen, lovely smells, windows of new clothes and As Seen on TV everything and anything you can imagine. We visit the mall maybe three times a year with one usually being Black Friday and that will come to an end if JCPenney’s doesn’t quickly return to the old marketing plan. The reason we visit the mall on Black Friday is usually to get a free Disney globe from JCPenney, which they did not give out last year and a $5 Build a Bear. Any other time of year, you might find us at Build a Bear for a birthday, or picking up a must have special item from a specialty store. It really has to be a special item too, because if we will go to the mall to get it then that means we have looked online and in every thrift or discount store to find it cheaper first. Sales resistance doesn’t stop at the mall, in fact it starts with your mailbox.

Stop Junk Mailers

The first step to developing sales resistance is to control what is coming into your home. Visit the to stop both junk mail and phone solicitations. If you do receive a catalog or flyer review it once and then toss it in the trash. We do occasionally receive offers and coupons that we use, however if it is a catalog, I tear out the coupon and toss the rest. The principle here is the same with staying clear of the mall, if you sit around and look at those pictures in the catalog, you will eventually talk yourself into buying those products. So cut them off at the pass.

Avoid Salesmen and Parties

Okay, so this might not always be possible but for the most part we make it a rule of thumb not to attend sales parties and presentations. Lets face it, the point of the party or presentation is to sell you on something, so they are going to do everything they can to make you buy. If you must attend a party for your boss’s wife’s cousin, then by all means plan a spending budget and stick to it. If you choose to volunteer as a hostess, then make sure you plan a budget for that too.

Sleep On It

If it is an item you really want or need, then you need to shop around and you need to sleep on it. Sometimes the value is worth the dollar amount, but shop around first, it is so easy with the Internet and phone apps these days and then make sure you really want it before you spend the money. Often times when you sleep on it, you forget about it. Making a decision to avoid the designer trap falls into this category as well. I do love certain brands and certain brands are a better value, but many times we are paying for a designer label when there is a knock off that is just as good. Along with sleeping on it, you can watch for it to go on sale. Every item is over bought and over priced, don’t just watch for a sale, watch for a markdown and a third sale.

Avoid Getting Upsold

Okay then, back to Build a Bear, we don’t go into Build a Bear purchasing at random. Our children have a budget and they really think about the items they are going to get and how those items will work with what they have at home and we always take a coupon. They know that when we get to the register the sales person is going to ask if we need *** and we are going to say “no thank you.” We adults need to have the same frame of mind. The sales people are trained to suggest more items and make you feel like you need them, just say “no.” This usually includes those pay for warranties and insurances as well. If you are not shopping at a store that warranties their merchandise for free then you shouldn’t be shopping there anyway, so don’t pay extra for a warranty. In fact you may want to read my Fry’s Electronics experience when I fell into the trap and did so. Train yourself to resist the sale and you will keep money in your pocket all year long.

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