Portfolio Assessment Grades

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portfolio assessment
Sample Portfolio Assessment
Becky over at Organizing Made Fun recently asked her readers if they use binders to organize. I use binders at the end of every school year to organize our Portfolio Assessments. While I don’t use standardized testing to assess my students progress, I do give them tests, report cards and a type of assessment. I do this both to track their progress for future college documentation purposes and so that they can have a sense of accomplishment at the end of each year.

report card
Sample Report Card

I start by tracking their grades on work completed through out the school year and random tests and quizzes that give. I also give them an end of year test in each subject and this grade is figured into their end of year grade as well. So in the left hand column I have a end of year grade for each subject based on progress and in the right hand column I have a grade based on actual work and test scores. I average these two grades together to get an end of year total.

Best Work
Include Their Best Work

I like to fill the book with their best work and I also have a sheet to track things like, My Favorite Field Trip, Favorite Bible Verse, What I Want to Be When I Grow Up and My Favorite Book This Year.

Portfolio Assessment
Add and About Me Page

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