Back to School Blue Jeans Sales

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Considering frugal

Blue jeans are the staple of back to school and retailers are offering back to school blue jean bargains all over town and the Internet. That’s probably because blue jeans are one of the most versatile and rugged pieces of clothing in the wardrobe.

Here in Wyoming, we shop our local Boot Barn, Wrangler and Murdock’s during July which is our local rodeo season.  If you live in a state that has rodeos, you will want to check your local Boot Barn and Murdock’s for state specific rodeo sales.  During rodeo season, we buy our kids back to school jeans usually at buy two get one free.  Sometimes we get free rodeo tickets.  We also love our local Wrangler store which has a tent sale.  During the tent sale, we get clearance Miss Me, Shyanne, and Rock Revival jeans for buy one get one free.  I also scored boat load of western jewelry at clearance buy one get one free during July this year too.  We also discovered, recently, that Murdock’s has it’s own brand of jeans called Cedar Rose – this brand is about half the cost of the big names brands, and they are trying to design “knock offs.”  The two pictured above are “knock offs” of Miss Me and Tuff styles.  They don’t have that perfect fit that you pay over $100 for, and I can’t say they will last as long, but for the price, I have gotten lots of complements, and they work!

Considering frugal

One of the best deals around can be found at Moxie Jeans but you need to start early. Moxie Jeans offers the opportunity to purchase great brands for this school year while you up sell your jeans from last year on their website. They also offer reasonable shipping and handling as well.

• Old Navy is always a great place to save on blue jeans you can pick up any of your favorite cuts usually starting at $15-$20 but watch for a $10 blue jean sale as we get a little closer to fall.

• Shop the Levis Outlet online and pick the latest styles for 30% off. Levi’s online Outlet is also offering free shipping with your first order.

Kohl’s is having their end of the summer clearance and that makes blue jeans a screaming deal. Markdowns are now 60-75% off. Print off coupons for additional store savings.

• Buy Gap jeans at their online site for a $20 to $30 savings.

Try Sierra Trading Post for jeans starting at $5.95!

If you prefer Lucky Brand jeans, shop online and Google for coupon codes before you check out; there is a 40% off coupon floating around the Internet.

If you fancy blue jean brands retailing for $150 and up try Smart Bargains.

For more tips on buying back to school blue jeans check out Chiff.

If you have a creative side you might also consider upcycling your old jeans….Check out 53 ways to recycle old blue jeans!

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