Fuel Efficient Cars and the Best Gas Prices

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Considering frugal

If you are in the market for a fuel efficient car, your choices are slowly getting more stylish and affordable. The Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid all made the top pic list for 2013. I personally have sampled the Ford Fusion and it had a lot to offer in an affordable price range.  Toyota is also on Considering frugal’s List of Ethical Company Pics.

There are several websites dedicated to logging the station with the best gas prices of the day; both Motor Trend and Gas Buddy will search gas prices across the nation. This is especially helpful if you are planning a weekend trip.

• On any given day, any one of the larger retailers may have the lowest price on fuel. Yesterday it was Fry’s and today it appears to be Sam’s club, so don’t get stuck in a rut of filling up at the same place all the time, be open to going where the fuel is cheapest.

• Kingsooper Fuel Saver Rewards is an especially great way to save on gas. There is no membership fee you just need a Kingsooper card. When you shop for groceries at Kingsooper then you receive rewards points that ad up quickly; when you swipe your Fry’s card at one of their gas stations then you save an extra $.10 to $.40 per gallon. Fry’s gas stations do appear on Gas Buddy and if you go to the Kingsooper website they sometimes feature a downloadable coupon for double gas point rewards.

• If you are in the market for a new car, by all means consider a fuel efficient one; Tree Hugger has a list of the 10 most fuel efficient cars.

• You don’t have to become a ‘hyper miler’ to practice proper fuel economy. Popular mechanics offers a list of great tips, like planning your route and airing your tires properly. Read the full list of fuel efficient driving tips at Popular Mechanics.

Best Cheyenne area gas prices…
Check out the daily fuel economy tip for more ways to save on fuel.

Remember if you live in a big city to fuel up before dawn or after dark to help save the Ozone Layer.

One final note, if your car is not worth repairing, then you may consider donating your car for a tax credit. Organizations like Goodwill will allow you to donate your car for a tax credit and then they will repair it and sell it at a discounted rate to someone in need.

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