Disney Movie Club

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Considering frugal

Clubs in general should be approached with caution. They are often more trouble than they are worth and can cost you more in the long run. Disney Movie Club is an exception to this rule. As long as you read the fine print and take advantage of all the benefits offered, Disney Movie Club can be a great deal. When I took full advantage of the club prices offered, I was able to purchase 6 movies at just over $5 each; by taking further advantage of the movie reward points, I received 5 more movies for the price of shipping and handling bringing my price down to roughly $3.50 per movie (including some new releases).
• Make sure you read and understand the fine print when you join. It can be confusing; you must purchase 5 movies at regular price before you can cancel.

• Read every offer that Disney Movie Club sends you to determine if it is a good deal. Remember Disney Movie Club is a retailer and they will advertise; the goal here is for them to make money.

• Take full advantage of the reward points sent with each movie. Each movie is worth about 100 points and you can purchase another movie for that same amount. This is where much of the savings is found.

• Don’t forget to add in shipping and handling when you are comparing prices.

• Keep up with those monthly offers. If you don’t want them then they are not a good deal, so make sure to cancel the movies you don’t want.

Finally, don’t have too many movie memberships going at one time. If your family can only watch a few movies per week then cancel or suspend your other movie club memberships until you collect all the Disney movies you are interested in.

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